Consumer analysis of bathroom products


The main factor that consumers pay attention to

When consumers buy sanitary products, they will pay attention to brand awareness, product cost-effectiveness, after-sales service and so on. The survey data shows that the three factors that consumers pay attention to are brand reputation (43.7%), concentration of sanitary products (39.7%) and satisfaction with after-sales service (37.8%). It can be seen that consumers prefer sanitary brands with good reputation, sufficient focus and good service.

In terms of purchasing the main bathroom material combination package

The common collocation for buying two main materials is toilet and bathroom cabinet.

Common collocations for buying three main materials are toilets, bathroom cabinets, and hardware sanitary wares.

Common collocations for purchasing the four main materials are toilets, bathroom cabinets, basin faucets and showers.

It can be seen that regardless of the purchase of 2, 3, or 4 main materials, toilets and bathroom cabinets are the main materials that consumers often buy. On the contrary, the purchase rate of bathtubs in the combination package is not high.

Comparison of various bathroom product experiences and purchase methods

With the development of the new retail model, consumers' purchase channels have gradually transitioned from pure offline channels to online and offline dual channels.

As the data shows, for products with higher standardization, such as bathroom hardware (showers, faucets), bathroom accessories (towel racks, toilet brushes, etc.), consumers have a higher proportion of online purchases.

For non-standard products, such as toilets, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and other products, consumers are more willing to buy offline.

Consumers' online shopping channels for sanitary products

From the perspective of online shopping consumers’ purchasing channels,,, and Taobao rank among the top three, with 41.6%, 31.0%, and 30.8%, respectively, becoming mainstream platforms for online shopping of bathroom products., Furniture Mall Online Mall, and Amazon followed closely behind and became important online shopping platforms for sanitary products.

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