Should the bathroom be separated from wet and dry?


1. Dry and non-slipWe use showers when we take a shower, and there are people everywhere in the bathroom. After the separation of dry and wet, the shower room can effectively block water from splashing everywhere, avoiding the entire bathroom from being wet. Moreover, the current shower room is also equipped with a special anti-skid board, which is safer to use, especially suitable for places where the elderly live, avoid slippery slippers, and improve the safety of bathing at home.

2. Good warmth retentionSeparate the shower room, so that the bathing space becomes smaller, and it will keep you warm in winter. When you install a heater or bath heater, you can install it directly on the top of the shower room for better warmth.

3. Functional partition

Through the separation of dry and wet, the toilet can be used more effectively. In this way, the bathroom can continue to be used when someone is taking a bath, which improves the efficiency of the bathroom. In this way, after the separation of dry and wet, the washing machine can also be placed in the bathroom to make full use of the space of the bathroom.

4. Easy to take care of

I believe that many people have a headache for cleaning the bathroom, especially in the summer, taking a bath every day, the bathroom is prone to dampness and mold, and it is very troublesome to clean up both the wall and the floor. After finishing the shower room, the cleaning space is reduced a lot, making our daily cleaning a lot easier.

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